23. The Jam - this was shot in the loading bay at Nomis Studios in West London where The Jam were rehearsing. I had never printed this image before as it was on a sheet of negatives that had been filed and forgotten.

24. Sinead O'Connor - her first press session for Chrysalis Records. I shot this at my friend John's flat in Seymour Street near Marble Arch on 1st August 1986. I had half the negatives of this shoot stolen so hadn't really looked at what was left.

25. Tony Hadley - another shot from Spandau's two week stint at Le Papagayo club St.Tropez in July 1980. I followed them down there on my mate Dave's motorbike for a bit of a laugh...

26. The Proclaimers - this was shot in the boardroom at Chrysalis Records on 4th June 1987.

27. Steve Norman - at Jam Studios during the recording of Spandau Ballet's first album
on 11th October 1980.

28. Steve Norman - at home with his dog and fish. This was taken at Steve's parents flat in Holborn central London on 25th January 1982 for Flexipop magazine.

29. Michael Hucthence - on the set of the video for "This Time" at Bray Studios on 23rd August 1985

30. Steve Strange - this is Steve in a later guise as 'Strange Cruise'. This was taken during a shoot for the cover of the single 'Rebel Blue Rocker' at Victoria Dock in London on 15th January 1986.

31. Midge Ure - taken on a video shoot in Tralee in Ireland on 27th May 1986, the sun came out just on cue and I managed to get a quick shot.

32. Karl Wallinger - he was recording at a studio in a farmhouse and this was taken in one of the stables on 27th July 1986.

33. Nick Heywood - another picture shot on a video shoot. This one at Zeeta's in Putney on 14th April 1986.


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